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No politically correct advergames for Xmas

December 19, 2005 at 3:13 by Martina Comments

After the Elf Zapper, another Christmas advergame not politically correct but definitely funny: the Brat invasion by T-Viral.
The kids cannot open the presents before Christmas, and you have to stop them. No matter how…

One Response to No politically correct advergames for Xmas

  1. Our little Christmas greeting has performed above all expectations. To illustrate one of our key beliefs: that viral potential relies on one thing… CONTENT, we decided not to include a link to send the greeting to a friend, but would let users pass it on “manually” if they believed it was any good. And it turns out that people liked it…
    We sent out 300 personal greeting emails on December 16th, 19th and 20th inviting business contacts to view the Christmas greeting and seeded it to 5 web sites. In the 14 days since launch, well over 600,000 games have been played with almost no promotional effort. I believe this really underlines the point about the value of good, playable online gaming content.

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