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The streakers game

December 22, 2005 at 2:51 by Martina Comments

In the UK, T-Mobile is online with an advergame with an amazing viral potential. It’s called The Beautiful Game, and challenges users to perform their best as streakers…

It’s sexy (maybe not in the first level :-) , it’s funny and it’s very British!

5 Responses to The streakers game

  1. jeff says:

    This is simply brilliant. Seemless. Incredibly funny. I can’t believe it doesn’t have a send to a friend and if they do I couldn’t find it.

  2. Coolz0r says:

    the ‘send to friend’ is right there when you finish the game, you can even subscribe to be informed of new games for the 2006 Fifa world cup in Germany. Play & See :)

  3. Tru says:

    British humor never ceases to amaze me. That ad was halirious. Thanks for making me aware of it.

  4. Mel Logan says:

    lol, that’s funny

  5. jerome says:

    Done by gluelondon, ;-)

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