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The Brera Machine Warriors

January 26, 2006 at 8:45 by Martina Comments

Alfa Romeo has is online with “broadband” campaign to present its new Brera model to the international audience. There is a teaser website (MachineWarriors) featuring a mysterious movie trailer starring the car. Unfortunately since I’m on a UMTS connection I haven’t been able to download the entire movie (43mb!), so I cannot really tell you what the video campaign is about. For sure I appreciated the variety of available video formats: Quicktime, Windows Media Player, PSP, iPod and Pocket Pc. Excellent!

2 Responses to The Brera Machine Warriors

  1. Rod says:

    The car looks great but the campaign sucks, whatever the format. Italians creatives… -SIGH-
    Rod (French creative)

  2. Nicolai says:

    I think it is an fabulous campaign..! But does anyone know who created it???

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