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The Adidas Unstoppable Game not so unstoppable

February 15, 2006 at 9:23 by Martina Comments

Adidas is promoting its new shoe, the Gigaride, with an online advertising campaign and a dedicated micro-site. It’s a product mini-site so we shouldn’t have to too many expectations on it, however it turns out to be rather disappointing. I mean, it promises a 360 Spin to discover the shoe, but you can actually only click and drag to move it left to right (and viceversa) and not up and down to see how the sole looks like. Also, I’m sorry for being so negative, but it would have been better not to have the advergame rather than putting online something totally flat. The “Unstoppable Game” advergame isn’t original nor entertaining and it doesn’t even make people experience the shoe.

4 Responses to The Adidas Unstoppable Game not so unstoppable

  1. David says:

    Mate,.. what is your problem with adidas?
    This is not a bad site at all, it does what is says on the tin, what more do you want from a product site?
    do you work for Nike?, or a competitor of adidas?,.. sound like you do.

  2. Martina says:

    It seems like I cannot criticize Adidas on my blog…
    Ok, it’s a product site, so again, expectations aren’t very high BUT then explain me:
    1. why does it say 360 experience of the shoe when it’s only 180?
    2. why spending money in a low quality advergame none will play more than 10 seconds if it’s just a product site?
    What Adidas did with Google Earth was good, this is not.

  3. nasha says:

    I think that if you promise something you must fill the expectations of the audience.
    Is better don’t advertise nonreal things.
    (sorry for my english)

  4. Hugo says:

    It’s not 180. It’s 360. The shoe gives a whole spin, form left to right, yes, but 360º.
    If it also rotated from up to down and viceversa, wouldn’t that be a 720º? and if rotated also in diagonal, what it would be? and if my grandmother had a moustache, wouldn’t she be my grandfather?!?
    For me its a great site. Ah, and if you find a 720 around the web, please, tell.

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