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Most successful advergames in Turkey

February 20, 2006 at 8:52 by admin Comments

In Turkey, litespell has launched a new viral game for Gilette M3 Power. Name of game is kizarkadasiminarkadası (translation is “girlfriend of my girlfriend”) Aim of game is to charm your girlfriend’s girlfriend with your eyes, but be careful don’t be caught your girlfriend.

From a marketing perspective, brand is connected to the advergames very successfully. Game’s target is the same as Gillette M3 Power. Game is already most successful advergames in Turkey. It has hundreds of registered user. Moreover, concept of the game is based on get the girls with your shaving. This is what gillette want to say.

The game is very funny and sexy and has amazing viral potential. Game consist of three level. In order to play next levels, you should invite your friends. Whenever they register you have a passport to play next levels.

3 Responses to Most successful advergames in Turkey

  1. cj says:

    I believe that one of the major US beer brands had this exact execution last year - perhaps it was Miller? Does anyone else recall this or am I chewing on a stick of crazy?

  2. You’re right, only it was a more annoying than this.
    The set up was that you were a guy and you were sitting next to a boob-acious woman, and you were trying to stare at her breasts without getting caught by her.
    You looked and looked—but if you didn’t look away in time, she got offended and slapped you.
    A real highlight of the year in interactive marketing…..

  3. pedro says:

    the campaign copied Mother NYC where they executed this campaign last year for Milwaukee Beer
    it’s a total rip off of their idea
    the turkish agency should be a little more original

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