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Axe, click and seduce

September 4, 2006 at 10:09 by Martina Comments

From Venezuela, a nice seduction advergame for Axe. Watch the video with great attention and spot the girl when she’s winking at you.
The concept of this game is nice, I just had a few remarks on the size of the video, but the guys from Lowe-Concept Interactivo actually explained me that it’s a bandwidth issue. Given the standard quality of connections in Venezuela, this video dimension was the best compromise among balance size, quality of the video and user-side download speed.
What I also like about the game, is that it’s just one click away… eventually an advergame which doesn’t require a registration nor long instructions to read!

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One Response to Axe, click and seduce

  1. liz28 says:

    I always find axe’s commercial and videos very entertaining. But oftentimes women are slightly exploited in them.

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