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Sam helps Samsung, or maybe not

December 4, 2006 at 2:01 by Martina Comments

Samsung is launching its new mini computer called Q1 with an interactive campaign featuring a huge dog called Sam. Sam is Saint Bernard dog who apparently has all the answers to your questions about the Q1.
The first thing I thought when I’ve seen the site (and the videos) is “how cute!” but then I thought again when writing this post, and I realized that maybe “cute” is not the right adjective to describe a campaign so oriented to business users. So Sam is cute, but I’m not sure it will actually help Samsung selling the Q1.

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2 Responses to Sam helps Samsung, or maybe not

  1. adverlicious says:

    The Samsung Q1 online ads are equally off-kilter. At the end of a pretty standard “here’s why it’s cool and why business users need it” sequence, they flash to the big dog, Sam. Intel co-branding and a sweepstakes of some form add to the jumble. Here’s the 2 we’ve archived –



  2. Daria says:

    I agree, the campaign is very untraditional for the business segment. It is defintely cute and awaking positive feelings especially amongst females :-) . However I disagree with you on the Sam’s role.
    I believe that the most of our decisions are dictated by our emotions, also in business – after all businessmen are also humans. Besides it is harder for brands to differentiate today. Most products offer the same. Even though you create something special, it will be copied within a very short time period. We need to use the emotional factors, features to make our products different. We can’t stick only to the rational, logic and physical aspects if we want to make our brand special. The physical world can be easily copied, while emotional platform can create uniquness.
    I guess most products targeted for business people are stuck on the old businessmen archetype – boring and serious, middle-aged person. I think it is good to break the rules and redefine category. It is refreshing and will definitely catch an attention.
    Samsung campaign isn’t complicated and and uses the simple and easy-to-read metaphors, that are bound to emotions. Many businessmen need some guidance and help in their busy and stressed life :-) . So I am sure Sam(sung) will sell some Q1.
    cheers :-)

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