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Do you really want to futurize yourself?

March 27, 2007 at 9:28 by Martina Comments

In France, ING Direct has launched a new online campaign called “Futurize You“. The concept is not particularly original (do you remember the recent Age-O-Matic?) and also hasn’t been developed with the same irony.
I understand the goal of the campaign is to make you seriously consider how to invest your money in order to retire relaxed, but (especially as a woman) I will never ever upload my photo to see myself “futurized” in such a sad way. Look at the screenshot I’ve grabbed from the homepage, doesn’t it look scary and depressing?
Link found on Sendtofriend.

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One Response to Do you really want to futurize yourself?

  1. Guillaume says:

    The aim of this minisite is to give you 2 views of your photos futurized : one if you have low wages after your retirement and one if you have high wages. In order to show the advantage on your life of a complementary wage from their bank…
    P.S. : Thx for the quote of my blog

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