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It’s Night Tennis time

April 3, 2007 at 2:10 by Martina Comments

Turn off the lights, and get ready to play tennis at night with Sony Ericsson. No, it’s not an advergame, but it’s a cool party concept they’ve launched in Spain last year and they recently replicated in Miami. It’s called “Night Tennis” and it consists of a tennis court transformed into a disco or, the other way around, of a disco transformed in a tennis court.
Dark atmosphere, fluo lines, and two tennis players who try to it hit the ball in the dark while DJ Paul Oakenfold plays the music. The balls, court and net along with player’s shirts, skirts and shoes are fully UV reactive, and each game is highlighted by beats and light shows.

Sport meets technology meets clubbing, a perfect combination to hit the cool-young target. As you can easily understand from the tone of this post, I love the concept, and I’m happy to see creativity applied to presence marketing. This is definitely something you can call emotional marketing!

To better understand how it works, you watch the video on YouTube which refers to the Madrid’s party last year.

Cherry on the cake, the website supporting the event it’s extremely well done as well.
The next challenge will be in London, during Wimbledon (and tickets are free!).
via David Report

3 Responses to It’s Night Tennis time

  1. Great find! I translated it a bit in dutch for my blog about advergames.
    see: een nachtelijk potje tennis

    Keep up the good blog!

  2. Cort says:

    I had tix to go (it was free, but had limited space) but ended up going straight to a drum’n'bass show instead. Paul Oakenfold was there because Winter Music Conference was going on.

  3. Herbert says:

    This looks modern and retro all at the same time.

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