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Road Safety promoted online

May 4, 2007 at 8:15 by Martina Comments

It’s an interesting exercise to observe the different approach to the online communication in a road safety campaign. The first, strong example, comes from Canada, where they have launched the website. The second example is Spanish, and it’s called “Me importa un huevo” (which literally translates into “I don’t give a damn” – thanks Daniel!).
50000victimes.jpg focuses on a very strong and impactful approach, using a dramatic video to immediately get people’s attention. The site is presented like a sort of news site, with potentially a lot content.
Me importa un huevo, on the contrary, uses a more subtle and personal approach, asking the user to begin their visit on the site by entering the name of a friend or relative who is younger than 25 years old. Then the path continues with a sort of rudimental advergame, where the users try to stop eggs moving on a chainbelt. The objective is to avoid the eggs (lives) to be destroyed by hitting the ground. The last egg has the name you submitted.

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