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Ikea, be brave… not beige!

May 18, 2007 at 1:04 by Martina Comments

Being in the middle of a relocation, I definitely enjoyed the new Ikea online effort: Be brave, not beige. The idea is to give people inspiration to create their own colorful apartments, forgetting about flat colors such as beige.

Explore the windows to watch amusing videos and discover how life is different when you live in beige instead of being brave and living in color.

The site does quite a good job presenting the products but, most of all, in my opinion delivers in terms of branding. Once again Ikea uses a touch of irony to present itself as a young and “light” brand, that young people will absolutely love.

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4 Responses to Ikea, be brave… not beige!

  1. I remember Ikea’s “chuck out your chintz” campaign. Looks like they’re positioning a whole new generation with new wave chintz that they can campaign for you to throw out again …. more sales for Ikea, so the cycle continues. Side step the little bits of history repeating.

  2. claudio says:


  3. Nicola says:

    Yeah I like it, beautifully executed. But not sure how effective it actually is to the average consumer - beyond us marketers. I guess the whole point of the campaign is to challenge the IKEA stereotype that everything looks the same and nice but a bit dull. I don’t think it’s really broken any boundaries in that sense. If I walk into a beige looking room, I’m still gonna think, that looks a bit IKEAish…

  4. “Chuck out your chintz” was a great campaign from St. Lukes, London (Mr. John Grant :)
    This one is also a great claim … from Dutch, NY (if I’m not in mistake).

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