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NOTHING to hide

May 16, 2007 at 9:20 by Mark Comments

Very amazing client to let this one through… in fact it supposedly is the client who is the star. The green screen streams are a bit average in transition but it at least brings “nothing” into the mainstream. In their own words “elave commissioned this risque eye-catching method of communicating the serious message that elave has no worrying chemicals in its formulations and therefore ‘nothing to hide’. ”


I’m not sure how many clients will follow this angle for the sake of “hits” but it will be interesting to see…

8 Responses to NOTHING to hide

  1. Nice concept, very well done. Great casting (not trying to be funny, the models are goodlooking but still enough “next-door-ish”)

  2. Anu says:

    I don’t see any BIG companies taking this approach. It will be against most brand guidelines.

  3. yellowdough says:

    what song was that in the cadillac commercial? pleasssssssssssssssssssssssse. ;)

  4. cris says:

    Great idea.

  5. jono says:

    Yes, yes very nice indeed. Simple concept but yet not simple-minded and it’s making an impact. I salute the client and wish -but can only dream- to have clients as such. Perhaps I should move back to Europe. Here in the US clients are rather dull not to mention concervative and that of course shows in the creative we do. ‘I have nothing to hide’. Good line to…

  6. Nick says:

    ITs an amazingly daring campaign. If only more companies would be as daring. But since they were the first to do this I wonder what more creative ways other companies will try.
    But like Reinier said most companies will have brand guidelines that are against nudity.

  7. Scott says:

    Well it’s good to see a client who is willing to throw a bit of token T&A into an ad to flog their product. It’s no Cannes gold though!

  8. This is qiute a brave idea to do such a microsite. The technical implementation is o.k., but I can’t imagine the effect of this campaign. High quality quaratees the popularity, but what kind of values will be connected to the products?
    The obviuos value is the purity, of course. But what is under the surface? What kind of motivation is built by this site and video? Have you tried to click on the women at the virtual store? Try it!
    Men or women are the target audiance? (I know, that mainly women will use the products, but who will buy?)

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