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The interrogation of Leo and Lisa

May 15, 2007 at 5:51 by Martina Comments

If tomorrow you feel like doing something unusual and kind of stylish online, go to, and watch Kevin Spacey playing in “The Interrogation of Leo and Lisa” for your eyes only (or something like that…).
At about 4 pm CET, the site will broadcast an exclusive short play written by Spacey himself to celebrate the launch of the new IWC Da Vinci watch collection.
The idea is very original, especially if we consider there’s a luxury brand behind it (the agency btw is Futurcom), which usually tend to be rather traditional in their approach to communication. In this case, they’ve managed to match a touch of tradition (theatre) with the use of online media to reach a wider/global audience. I’m sure they will definitely generate some buzz around the initiative even among those who still don’t know much about IWC (and I belong to this group…).

One Response to The interrogation of Leo and Lisa

  1. Good presentation, I like the short play, Good performance by Kevin and other actors.

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