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Cicatriz video e-commerce

May 21, 2007 at 2:27 by Martina Comments

Last year I posted about the Japanese retailer LOFT and its website to present the Halloween outfits collection… they had a great idea to showcase their products online using videos, but they “forgot” to make the site e-commerce enabled. Today, via Newstoday, I’ve found out about Cicatriz Clothing, that has a new e-commerce site which actually completes and improves Loft’s idea, adding the “click & buy” functionality.
As you can see yourself, the site is made of a series of “video-tiles” which animated one after the other showcasing a model and the products. On click, the video becomes bigger and allows the user to note the details of the shirts. It’s interesting to note, that the interface not only allows buying in one click, but also updates in real time the number of items still available when you mouse-over the size you’d like to buy.
Last but not least, the product video is always there, even when you review your shopping cart, making the whole site extremely simple but also stylish and usable, which is a combination kind of rare to find.

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One Response to Cicatriz video e-commerce

  1. Tom Swenden says:

    Check out the Japanese version…even nicer I think…includes mixing your own sound!

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