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Churches online in the countryside

May 28, 2007 at 5:28 by Martina Comments

It doesn’t happen everyday that you get as a client a priest (or priesthood), especially when they ask you for a website. Padre Samuel Guedes asked for a Web platform containing, agenda, forms (to get online baptism certificates, for instance) and a Backoffice management system.
The result is what you see, a cool, fresh and coloured website, easy to navigate and with useful information for it users. The three churches reach about 10500 inhabitants, most of them catholic, I wonder how many go online to check church activities.
Pa├žos de Ferreira, 35 kms away from Porto (Portugal), the city where these 3 churches are located, is well known for its furniture, I guess now it will be also known as “the place where God is online” :)
Written by Nuno.

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2 Responses to Churches online in the countryside

  1. I know a designer that specializes in churches. Many of his clients have live-feeds for the sermons that people can watch from home. Yep, even God reaches people through the internet.

  2. Luis says:

    Probably none, Nuno. Nevertheless it’s an enlightening idea… :) Go(o)d for him. And the website it’s just like you wrote: cool, fresh and easy. Way to go, Pdr.Guedes!

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