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Spot the bull and win

May 29, 2007 at 2:17 by Martina Comments

From the UK, eventually a different advergame, something with a simple yet very original mechanism. Spot the Bull, created by Poke London for Orange invites players to guess where Derek (the bull) will find himself at a give time. The game is based on GPS tracking. There isn’t only a Tom Tom “installed” on the bull, but also every 30 seconds a photo of Derek in the field is taken, while a time stamp gets encoded in the image.
The game is not only about being lucky. Since Derek’s movements are tracked and shared on the site, it is possible to “study” him and start making bull spotting predictions. Also, the site features an amusing “expert analysis”, where a vet, a farmer and an animal psychologist share their tips to better understand Derek’s behavior.
The contest is part of Orange’s integrated marketing effort at the Glastonbury Festival: those who spot the bull win tickets for the event.

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3 Responses to Spot the bull and win

  1. Mark Bowness says:

    This is really clever and clearly hold people’s attention to a specific product for a prolonged time. I like that. Nice. Could be addictive too!

  2. Who would have thought that watching a bull graze would be addictive?

  3. Nicola says:

    Really nice campaign. Campaigns with GPS are often so simple but actually still really exciting, and often get the blogosphere talking. Remember Tribal DDB’s brilliant Monopoly Live campaign…

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