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Orange sends personalised videos

on March 1, 2014 by Tim Comments

Bilyk recently helped create a personalised video campaign for Poland’s Orange Telecom. Around 2,000 people whose contracts were nearly up received a video which discussed their current plan, usage patterns and bills, and then offered them an upgrade based on their personal circumstances. Watch an English translation of the video here: Read more…

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Hello 2014 by Orange, a double screen experience

on December 31, 2013 by Laurent Comments

While 2014 has started in Australia (Happy New Year to our AB Aussie team mates Mark and Tim), and about to start everywhere else, here are some nice greetings from Orange.

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Orange My Movie Poster

on September 12, 2011 by Martina Comments

Ever wanted to star in a movie? In the UK, Orange gives you the opportunity to star at least in the movie “poster”. The latest chapter of the ongoing project The Feed has a twist that I really like. A Facebook app asks you a few questions to create the basic plot, then every week, one of the ideas submitted by the fan is selected and an artist creates a bespoke movie poster. Read more…

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The virtual balloon race by Orange

on June 14, 2008 by Martina Comments

Back from the neverending May campaigns and from a week off in Southern France, I feel I have so much to (re)cover. I’ll do my best to write about the great interactive projects that have gone online around the Web during the last month or so. So forgive me if a few things won’t be as new and fresh as usual, but remember Adverblog’s motto is “showcase the best, and forget the rest”, so if there is something worth remembering, I’ll post it! The first project is quite new, and you still 7 days to join the first virtual balloon race on the Internet ever. It’s an idea by Poke for Orange.

It sounds very innovative, but also quite hard to explain, so I quote NMA to explain you what is about: “The technically complex project is a bid to engage with online audiences through blogs and social media. The race will promote Orange’s mobile tariffs by inviting users to tag a balloon shaped like its dolphin, panther, canary and racoon brands. The race launches in three weeks and entrants will be able to track and control their balloon as it travels across the web. Each site equals one internet mile and the user with the most miles at the end of seven days wins. Players can also get bonus prizes and energy boosts for their balloons“.

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Good Things Should Never End

on November 1, 2007 by Martina Comments

From the UK, a very original website created by Poke London to promote Orange’s “Speak Easy” pay as you go plan. Perfectly in line with the campaign’s tagline “Good things should never end”, the site offers an unlimited experience. At first sight, nothing happens, so you’ll better start loading the site then go, have a drink, and come back to explore it… Also, it might help if I tell you you have to scroll down and scroll down to discover what it’s all about.

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Spot the bull and win

on May 29, 2007 by Martina Comments

From the UK, eventually a different advergame, something with a simple yet very original mechanism. Spot the Bull, created by Poke London for Orange invites players to guess where Derek (the bull) will find himself at a give time. The game is based on GPS tracking. There isn’t only a Tom Tom “installed” on the bull, but also every 30 seconds a photo of Derek in the field is taken, while a time stamp gets encoded in the image. The game is not only about being lucky. Since Derek’s movements are tracked and shared on the site, it is possible to “study” him and start making bull spotting predictions. Also, the site features an amusing “expert analysis”, where a vet, a farmer and an animal psychologist share their tips to better understand Derek’s behavior. The contest is part of Orange’s integrated marketing effort at the Glastonbury Festival: those who spot the bull win tickets for the event.

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Orange king for a day on MSN

on December 15, 2004 by Martina Comments

International mobile carrier Orange will run a pre-Christmas campaign for a day on Msn network. As Revolution Magazine explains, tomorrow, December 16th, Orange’s brand will “invade” Msn’s portal as well as Hotmail and Messenger. Advertising focuses on the Orange pay-as-you-go service and is expected to achieve 100m impressions across all placements according to MSN.

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The Power of the Force with your mobile

on October 4, 2004 by Martina Comments

Orange‘s customers in seven European countries are now able to access characters, images, film clips and music clips (true tones and ringtones) from the entire Star Wars saga as mobile content. There is a micro-site promoting the initiative. The site will also include exclusive give-aways and competitions, promoting usage of the new services and content. Throughout the 15-month partnership with Lucasfilm, Orange will also be able to use characters from the Star Wars films in Orange marketing.

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Avoid the “mobile rage”

on April 29, 2004 by Martina Comments

Thanks to Sean, I’ve found out of a new campaign developed by NetX for Orange Australia. You can check it out here: basically it’s a guide to teach users the “mobile etiquette” and help them to avoid becoming the victim of a “mobile rage”. Three Flash videos show how people can react to mobile abuses… It’s “a modern guide to mobile safety”… I think I’ll send the link to my collegues at the office…

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Enpocket and Orange, winning mobile marketing

on January 3, 2004 by Martina Comments

Orange and Enpocket were awarded for their two-way SMS campaign to drive subscriptions to Orange�s Open Access mobile Internet service in the �Email / Mobile� category at the annual DMA Awards 2003. As explained in the press release, the campaign, which was aimed to drive customer awareness and understanding of Orange�s new services, had a 14% response rate.

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