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Diesel Denim Dating

July 11, 2007 at 9:23 by Martina Comments

Diesel is online with the Fall Winter Denim collection and it’s all about dating. Ok, ok, I’m biased, but I like it a lot… I loved the campaign concept since the very first moment I heard about it, and now that I see how it has been implemented by Wysiwyg on the site, I’m even more convinced it’s a very cool idea.
As I said, the campaign concept is all about dating. Each denim model has his/her own characteristics and personality and is looking for the ideal partner. If you like one of the models, don’t be shy, and email him or her, who knows, maybe you’ll get an answer…
The copy in the product site is brilliant, as you can see from the capture below.
Of course, there’s also a Web 2.0 side of the project, which is only for over 18 people ;-) If you’re looking for a partner, you can upload your photo and your profile and be featured in the gallery on the site…
Congrats to my friends in Diesel and to Wysiwyg for the great work!

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4 Responses to Diesel Denim Dating

  1. Badswan says:

    Cooool! i’ve to add my message!

  2. David says:

    When you boil it all down, a person probably can’t tell the difference between pairs of jeans. But Diesel does a remarkable job of branding and marketing to keep them in the public conscious.

  3. andrew b says:

    feels similar to a campaign by CK One a few years ago when one could email / phone the models and then also send anonymous “mating” contacts to other people through a small ads function – this pioneered viral marketing…now it has the “web 2.0″ guise! ;)

  4. Omid says:

    Good work from Wysiwyg. I posted an ad so models get a chance to date me ;)

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