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Sony Television

August 2, 2007 at 8:26 by Mark Comments

Sony Television has a pretty slick full-flash site. I am unsure of its launch date, however it’s basic essence is to showcase the TV shows they produce – which it does quiet nicely. The nav interface is predictably a movie/tv studio lot which gives you a sense that you are somehow special and “inside the studio”.
Apart from the very slick graphics produced by the cool dudes at Red Interactive the content is a little slim. I did enjoy my journey through this site but I’m unsure if I’ll go back – purely because I saw the lot in one go.

2 Responses to Sony Television

  1. Susan Law says:

    Wow – nice to have received the recognition. It might be important to note that this site was actually built for the trade community as a sales tool for the purpose of providing key data to media clients…not as an interactive consumer site for the general public. Perhaps that is why it might have seemed a bit slim with content. It was to be live for a 4 week window allowing members of the advertising community to gather information (and earn points in order to participate in a series of drawings) while having a little fun. It was later repurposed and opened to the media community at large for about a week. Though the site is still live, it will be taken down very soon. Thanks for the mention!

  2. Martina says:

    Dear Susan, thanks for commenting. It was great to get your insider feedback about the project.

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