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Hashtag My Ass

September 5, 2014 at 10:46 by Tim Comments

Etienne de Crécy has cracked (!) the secret of hashtagging. And all you Twitter-Instagram campaigners can go packing. Connect your Instagram account to Etienne’s site and see your very own video version of his new single. Now shake your booty.

My own Instagram account @tbuesing did surprisingly well in the array of vinyl sleeves. It instinctively picked the best shots. Or let’s say it is driven by the right analysis of my hashtags (‘Sunset - No Filter!’). It even uploads the result as my personal video to YouTube as you can see below:

All the users’ videos can be seen on Etienne’s YouTube Channel, advertising the release of his new album SuperDiscount 3.

Awesome work by Stink Digital.

You can follow me on Twitter @TBuesing

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