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Paper Critters

August 16, 2007 at 12:40 by Mark Comments

This site is mad and so cool – but I have no idea why it was built and how any money will be made. I have seen and done a hundred “build your own avatar” sites but this somehow is so much cooler than anything I have seen. The interaction and design allowance is greater than ever.
Once I made my dude I was unhappy to see that the community/colony was very thin (I’m sure this will grow). Anyway it’s a nice turn on avatar-type builder sites and a whole lot of fun.

3 Responses to Paper Critters

  1. Olivier says:

    Error 403 … might be too buzy !

  2. JR Fabito says:

    Thanks I’m glad you like my site. My original goal for this site was just to get my MFA degree. It was a school project and not a commercial project. I opened it up to the public to see what kind of results they could create using it. Since I’m getting a lot of traffic, my hosting has put a quota on the amount of people who can log on at one time so sorry to anyone who can’t get on.

  3. Mark Ashley-Wilson says:

    Thanks JR nice work and thanks for the insight!!

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