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The other view on MINI

September 28, 2007 at 10:15 by Martina Comments

In about 16600 seconds the next MINIvideo will be played on (counting from now, September 28th at 11.20 am CET). The exclusive, weird and, let me say, brave teaser campaign launched by Profero to promote the Clubman model to be launched next November, consists of a series of 15 second videos that look at things from a different perspective.
The catch is, they will be releasing one video per week for 6 weeks, and the video will be so exclusive, it will only be available for 1 minute a week. The time is judged by the clock on your computer so for the launch, when the users clock turns 3pm GMT (tomorrow’s time for example) the video will automatically start playing. If a user comes in 3 seconds into the sequence then they will see the video 3 seconds in. There is a counter on the site that counts back in seconds to when the doors will open.
The whole thing looks quite crazy, and I must say that expecting visitors to check back a site on such a precise timing is quite too brave for my careful marketing attitude… let’s wait and see who’s right! ;-)

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One Response to The other view on MINI

  1. Looks like they’re using Google Analytics on the site: _uacct = “UA-907163-7″;
    I guess someone is going to be pouring over the Avg. Time on Site report tomorrow.
    (we could really have some fun skewing their numbers by posting their code all over the net)
    I for one have had the page up for the last 4 hours patiently waiting…but then, I love MINI.

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