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Samsung, simply beautiful

October 8, 2007 at 4:11 by Martina Comments

Since a couple of months I’m thinking about buying a stylish LCD Tv. After having seen this Samsung website, the decision is taken.

The whole experience it’s extremely simple, extremely smooth, extremely beautiful, as the products presented. Sometimes you don’t need to create complicated flashy sites to deliver the message, if it’s about a design product, you can make it cool just presenting it in the simplest way.

The agency is Soleil Noir.

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2 Responses to Samsung, simply beautiful

  1. Tikitaka says:

    I’d definitely look beyond a fancy website and more at the specs of different LCD TVs before I’d purchase one. But yes, the site is nice.

  2. Aden Hepburn says:

    A very sleek site. High bandwidth could pose some issues to a % of users as always. Love to layouts and use of video. Great site.

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