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Axe Busters made in Japan

October 15, 2007 at 10:33 by Martina Comments

The Axe Busters have arrived to Japan. Even if you won’t understand a word, it’s definitely an experience worth trying to have some fun, but also to discover a very good work with Flash.

Fortunately the navigation is in English, so you will be able to browse through the content, and discover first of all the “extra animation”, a manga cartoon to introduce the advergame characters and the story behind it. It’s very nicely done, and it even features a dedicated pop song in japanenglish (I guess…)

Than you can move on to the game (don’t get scared when you hear a weird alarm bell, it’s just the loader…) and start pointing with your finger to the girls in the office, seducing them with a touch of Axe effect.

Thanks Laurent for the hint!

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