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Slow blogging

November 26, 2007 at 9:48 by Martina Comments

Apologies for the slow blogging, I’m back to work after 2 months at home recovering from a broken Achille’s tendon… I have a lot of work to do plus I spend three hours a day at physioteraphy, I promise to recover my usual blogging pace during the week. Stay tuned!

4 Responses to Slow blogging

  1. Buzzing Bees says:

    Take your time, better a slow but good recovery then a fast and bad one!

  2. Alexis says:

    Hope you’re recovering well!!
    Broke my anckle last year, riding my bike…
    Love your website and the quality of the posts ;)
    Got it in my RSS feed!
    Keep it rollin
    (yes, even french guys check adverblog!!!)

  3. baris says:

    May you recover soon.
    hi from istanbul. :)

  4. Serge says:

    You are totally excused as you manage a great blog!
    feel better soon

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