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Advent calendar: Mark Ashley-Wilson

December 2, 2007 at 12:33 by Martina Comments

My first guest in the interactive marketing Advent calendar project is not really a guest but, rather, a host, like myself. Mark, Ashley-Wilson who is the Head of Digital & Interactive Australasia for Lowe Worldwide, is in fact a regular contributor here on Adverblog. Let’s find out his answers…
1) Which is the digital project that impressed you more this year?
The Rice Project, The Heidies and ElectroCity.
2) In your job, which is the most important thing you learnt this year?
That more and more budget is now online focused. The TVC is NOT the first thought any more. We have repositioned our agency to include the interactive team on every briefing. Agency’s need to do this otherwise their clients will go to specialist shops.
3) As a digital marketer what’s on top of your agenda for 2008?
It’s still “client education”. When our clients ‘get’ the potential of what interactive can offer they will spend more and reap the rewards. On a platform level I think that mobile marketing will dominate the discussions.
5) Which book would you give as a Christmas present to Adverblog’s readers?
Adland: A Global History of Advertising. Weird but not many in our field know about where it all began. Go back in time to see the future…

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