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A lingerie collection and the peace in the world

December 17, 2007 at 9:13 by Martina Comments

Farfar did it again, creating an original/unusual/amusing campaign to promote a lingerie collection. One year ago it was Heidies time, now is Bjorn Borg at the center of the stage.
The site is not very interactive, but there are plenty of things to discover while having some fun. Even if you’re interested only in the product/in the good looking models, make sure to check the “corporate” pages as well. The mission of the company is surprising and very 2.0 (even if I hate this expression!!!)
… “Peace on earth”, for example, invites people to send over to the brand the pieces of “not sexy underwear” and receive a 5€ discount…
The e-commerce section is also worth having a look, as it delivers a good Flash based shopping experience.

One Response to A lingerie collection and the peace in the world

  1. tim says:

    Hm, have they really done it again here (as in changing perceptions of what can be done)? I have seen lots of video sitting on html pages and “blogs” that have little or no interaction or regularity. Great art direction and a cheeky tonality though.

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