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The sexy side of Orangina

December 31, 2007 at 2:23 by Martina Comments

Les 84 and Chewing Com have done a good job with the new website for Orangina. It’s a Flash experience around the weird/sexy campaign “Naturellement Pulpeuse” recently created by Fred Farid Lambert (FFL) to reposition and refresh the soft drink brand.

The site simply presents the campaign videos and a series of downloadable goodies but the whole thing is very nicely done in Flash. Usuability is not perfect but, you know, I’m quite demanding when I evaluate this aspect, so nevermind :-)

Overall, I find it a very good example of how a product shall be if you haven’t enough budget to create a dedicated online action: focus on the offline campaign assets and deliver some experience around them. When you are on air with a good/amusing/provoking TV spot, as Google demonstrates, people look for your brand on search engines (and on Youtube) so, at least, you have to be there, and show you are at least a little bit web savy…

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One Response to The sexy side of Orangina

  1. John Calkins says:

    Ceative ad, but it doesn’t make me want an orange drink.

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