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Sexy Santa comes from Norway

December 30, 2007 at 5:35 by Martina Comments

There are plenty of mini-sites out there to create branded and personalized Xmas cards and/or to promote exclusive Xmas deals. However, I bet you still haven’t seen anything as mental as the Cupido site.


Before giving you the link, I have to warn you Cupido is a Norwegian sexy shop… don’t expect to find the “regular” Xmas decorations nor to meet a “regular” Santa Claus… and yes, you will find some interactive nudity, with a touch of sense of humor…


If you are not prudish, then click here

The agency should be Apt (but on their site, which is very often updated, they don’t mention the work… I wonder why ;-) . Personally, I think they did a great job. Given the product they had to promote and sell, they created a site rich of sense of humor and with an impressive viral potential (yes, sex always sells). You don’t have to speak Norwegian to understand the decorations you can buy on the site (!), and even if you only look at the shopping experience I’m sure you will agree there shall be more e-commerce sites conceived with the same approach (putting the product in context I mean ;-)

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