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Axe Pulse Tester

February 28, 2008 at 1:33 by Mark Comments

Another great Axe campaign, this time from Mexico. The Pulse Tester is a game in which you should hit the pulse button again and again, while you get distracted by stripping women. Tough decisions that will always end up in an exploding heartbeat just before it gets dirty. Below the accompanying commercial.

2 Responses to Axe Pulse Tester

  1. postman31 says:

    greatest work for axe.
    it’s a schock!

  2. Rosendo says:

    This is not the spot for Axe Pulse in Mexico.
    The one here was produced by BBH, and the integral campaign for Axe Pulse was produced by VEGAOLMOSPONCE and spreaded acroos all Latin America.

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