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Heineken, the barrel and the comic strip

May 4, 2008 at 3:44 by Martina Comments

In Spain Heineken has launched a new campaign to promote its 5 liters beer barrel mixing music and comics. The TV spot very nice as it proposes different camera angles and text baloons like a comic book while playing a song by Adele. The agency is Remo.

Unfortunately the web part is disappointing. On the spot website there is nothing more than the video to watch (but you cannot download it!).


On Heineken’s site dedicated to the barrel (and here comes the question why did they build 2 separate sites?) everything looks quite confusing and the advergame might be willing to play is nothing more than a simple interactive animation.
Too bad that the TV spot idea hasn’t been exploited more (and better). Looks like the comic strip inspiration was just an art direction trick instead of a more solid concept around which the integrated campaign should have been built.

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One Response to Heineken, the barrel and the comic strip

  1. Fes says:

    Thats a good commercial, but comparing with the new spot launched in Holland… mmm check it

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