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Future Tennis according to Lacoste

May 26, 2008 at 12:39 by Martina Comments

It’s quite an unexpected move for a traditional and conservative brand like Lacoste to celebrate its 75th anniversary by launching a website that is all about the future.


There is also a movie that imagines how tennis might be played in 75 years from now.



As soon as you get on the site, you get a feeling of dejav├╣. The first thing I thought about is the Puma “Until then” campaign launched a few months ago.
Around the Web, for example on Motiongrapher, the discussion gets even harsher, with a lot of people blaming Lacoste of being just a follower of Nike‘s and Adidas work already done in the past.
As usual, I think that those who work in the industry are much more informed and therefore critical than consumers in judging new commercials, therefore I’m not so sure that the general audience will perceive the new work from Lacoste as negatively as the experts did. However, my analysis looks more at the way this commercial positions Lacoste’s brand, and the question is quite straightforward: a futuristic concept like this can really help a traditional brand like Lacoste to become cool and appealing to a young target? Unfortunately my feeling is people like my parents (who like Lacoste) won’t appreciate the creative effort and will feel disoriented. On the other side young people like won’t change their opinion on the brand because they probably won’t recognize it and, even worse, might spontaneously associate the campaign with another brand like Adi or Nike.
What do you think? Am I too tough with my evalutation?

2 Responses to Future Tennis according to Lacoste

  1. johnny says:

    I love the “1040: Too many connections” :)

  2. Ssong2 says:

    I think Lacoste also has to change their old image and innovate it to extend their target
    and to survive in the high-competitive market..

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