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Get a life, join Lamato

June 27, 2008 at 5:48 by Martina Comments

No matter if your enthusiastic or tired of Facebook, Linkedin and Myspace, there is a new social network you absolutely have to join. It’s called Lamato, and it just launched in Canada, inspired by an idea by Tribal DDB and Mott’s Clamato.


I haven’t been able to check it personally, but it looks pretty fresh and new. To support it, they launched also a series of short videos. Below you find my favourite.

6 Responses to Get a life, join Lamato

  1. Mars Spider says:

    G e n i a l e ! :)

  2. soulbringer says:

    Hey Martina :o )
    oh come on – this is just a FAKE… and it would be much better if you would cleary write that there is no such a social network as lamato – but that this is campaign for Motts Clamato
    Anyway I like this vidoes too :o ) I think I would be now more abble to explain to my Mom how the social network really works :o )

  3. Martina says:

    Of course I know it’s a fake! :-)
    But it’s also a brilliant idea, so why can’t I play with it as well? ;-)

  4. John Gillett says:

    The line between real and fake is disappearing…this may not be a real social network, but is it satire?
    Today’s Gen Y marketing campaigns are becoming more like this year’s political campaigns, where the truth is an innocent bystander and arrogance trumps reality…

  5. CBE says:

    I must admit that I was yawning at the possible prospect of yet another social network so started clicking the links halfway through the video, inadvertantly spoiling the punchline.
    Still, a good idea that will no doubt do the rounds as people “invite their friends to join”… I’ll be watching my in-box….ready to hit delete

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