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Russian Standard Vodka, nice website

June 29, 2008 at 4:07 by Martina Comments

From Russia, with love, here is the link to the new Russian Standard Vodka website, for the pleasure of your eyes.


I like the idea that the first level of content is all video based and starts playing automatically when you arrive on the site. So you get a nice overview of the differente sections and you learn all the basic information about the vodka without reading anything. Good idea if you’re lazy or better, not interested in finding out all the details about the product.


Competition when it comes to vodka brands (and vodka websites) is fierce, therefore it’s good to see Russian Standard Vodka managed to create something interesting to explore in a crowded panorama.

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5 Responses to Russian Standard Vodka, nice website

  1. Thomas Lippman says:

    Who’s behind this project? Any credits?

  2. Susan Richards says:

    This is a Paris-based agency called Uzik.

  3. Salmi says:

    Uzik, a Paris based agency, is behind this web site.

  4. Bahadir says:

    I think for a product that usually depends on its image, packaging and placement in the race against its kin(Since due to regulations most vodka usually have similar taste, not including special flavors etc.) coming up with unique presentations such as these is very important. Problem with this is that people need to discover and be eager to surf into this website, is Russian Standard Vodka flashing around its website enough to draw in potential customers? How well are they promoting the webpage?

  5. Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! :)

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