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The Luchtmacht Experience

July 7, 2008 at 11:00 by Martina Comments

Armies around the world are taking online recruitment very seriously, even more than brands I would say. The latest example I’d like to share with you comes from The Netherlands, where the Luchtmacht has recently launched an online experience to unveil its world to the young Dutch.


The website is absolutely amazing. I can’t say whether it really depicts the reality of the Dutch Airforce, but I know that if their goal was to impress young users, the results is surely impressive, at least from a Flash/design point of view.

Funny to note the navigation menu is based on exactly the same idea as the Converse site I just reviewed: a disc that strongly reminds of Simon (the memory game, remember? ;-)
The agencies behind the project are ARA, Momkai and INDG.
via Cpluv.

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