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Vodka, a journey to America

August 19, 2008 at 1:17 by Martina Comments

A very nice work by Publicis London and Psyop to launch the new flavour of Stolichnaya vodka: Stoli Blakberi.

At first sight, from a creative point of view, it might look not very original. To promote a russian vodka with a russian proganda style graphic is a bit of a dejavu’, however its important to point out the consistency of this spot with all the communications by Stoli. Check out for example the Stoli Hotel online or the Stoli official website (but be aware they are far from being perfect or at Absolut’s level).



2 Responses to Vodka, a journey to America

  1. Jessie Birks says:

    Technically, Russia never bombed American soil, but they certainly pointed a lot of missiles at us. If history had gone a little differently, this would be in bad taste. But then, maybe it’s in bad taste now that Russia actually is invading other countries (with something other than flavored vodka).
    Could this be read as some kind of declaration of war? Maybe it’s time Anheuser-Busch makes a spot where Bud Light is dropped from B52s onto Moscow…

  2. Dylan Boyd says:

    I personally love the soviet era throwback anything. Just me. Propaganda campaigns are great and always hold a certain mystique in any cultural, especially the USA, we love this stuff.
    But in light of the changes going on Russia it is unfortunately spot on with the “Return to Power” branding Russia has going on. So well done and relevant.
    The creative was powerful enough and a good example of using animation in a campaign. The music drew you in as well from an overall ad.
    So like you said, not very original for the idea of Russian propaganda theme, but it was relevant and makes me want to coke mix a drink… But then I often feel like that in the Ad world

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