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The Clinique Scheelboute dilemma

September 15, 2008 at 9:52 by Martina Comments

Now, this is extremely weird. I can’t find any other adjective to describe it if I want to keep an objective point of view at least in the introductory part of the post. In Belgium, the Flanders tourist board has launched “Clinique Scheelboute“, the website of a medical center that allows you to get implanted an additional body part (an ear, an arm, a leg) to fully enjoy your experience of the region.


The point is that the Flanders have so much to offer that you can’t experience them at full with a “regular” human body. You need at least two arms more to carry all the bags you will collect because in Antwerp you will shop twice as much; you need an ear implanted in your hand to enjoy all the music offered by bars and the concert halls etc…


To accommodate your needs they have created Doctor Frank Scheelboute, a fictional character that runs the fictional Clinique where you can “upgrade” your body. They definitely went crazy with the website has well. It offers an impressive amount of content to make the experience as real (or as fake) as possible. You can take a test to understand which additional organ you would need, you can listen to testimonials who already underwent the operation, you can learn more about Doctor Scheelboute, and you can even buy special clothes especially designed for highly gifted people.


As said, I’ve kept my personal opinion for the last part of the post, and I’d like to stress the fact it is a personal point of view on the matter. Well, I find the project extremely silly and even offensive. I don’t think organ transplants is a topic with which one should play. Organs trafficking is a big problem in our society, plus there are a lot of people who live every day of their live hoping to receive an organ to survive. My point is therefore merely ethical. And I would love to hear yours.

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2 Responses to The Clinique Scheelboute dilemma

  1. Buzzing Bees says:

    My first impression was how extremely stupid the message was. The second thought was how much people would like to visit Flanders after seeing this. My guess is 0, so that’s a lot of wasted budget…

  2. bilibily says:

    I’ll visit flanders after seeing that ! A tourism office who have this sens of humor make me think that belgians are funny too.

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