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Hotel 626

October 2, 2008 at 6:13 by Mark Comments

Last year here in Mexico, Doritos released a series of TV and YouTube spots to support a TV series called “13 miedos” (“13 fears”) and in everyone of them people were chased by famous fearful creatures such as Nosferatu, Werewolf and some others.
I don’t know if it’s related to it in some kind of way (besides sharing the brand) and maybe i’m missing something about the concept but yesterday i reached Hotel 626, a new (and scary) production from the talented guys at Goodby Silverstein and Partners + B-Reel.

In the first place, the site it’s supposed to be visited only in the gap of time between 6pm and 6am, allegedly to live this experience by night, and although it seems that changing your computer time makes you available to get into the hotel this is definitely a site you want to come by at night.
Everything begins with us waking up in our hotel room and hearing strange sounds so we leave our room to the corridor…, and from that on (and recommending with your camera and microphone turned on) you’ll be about to live a hell of a scary experience (final surprise included!) in order to get out of the hotel, including chasing ghosts, trying to make a little baby sleeping or listening to a mad man in order to get out of a room in which we are locked (clue: count the red items on the walls as he is speaking…)
I missed some features that i’d like to have available, as for instance sharing the pics from the camera in the bathroom, but with a lot of horror and mistery movies references this production is superb, not only by the fact that it is very well shot, programmed and art directed but above all by the fact that it’s real fear what you feel if you visit this hotel using your headphones and being alone in the dark -not as the guys in my office, making groups of 2 or 3 people to see the site together :) -

13 Responses to Hotel 626

  1. Irvine says:

    Nice review of the game. This is such a innoative web game , i seldom play web games but a friend of mine recommended the game to me and i loved it. I wrote a review about it at my website.
    Do check it out. Thank you.

  2. kenneth says:

    its exciting

  3. it…so!!!….
    very nice! hotel 626
    exciting very 4 me!

  4. christine says:

    so shuking!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. dawn says:

    the game was great…it is very scary…specially on the second level of the game…that realy freak me out and made me scream inside the cafe…i want to play it over and over…

  6. lleugimae says:

    im so scared while i am playing
    a hotel 626..
    itssssssss so very nice..
    and fantastic..
    but i cant play its over,,couz
    im so nervous..
    that game

  7. dan kristoffer masacote says:

    nice game!

  8. chay says:

    wow! so fantastic!
    hush hush hush! feels like reality!

  9. julia says:

    im soooooooo scared while playing tank god i finished the whole game…………….i really love it mmmmmwwwaahhhhhhhhhh…..

  10. Nina says:

    Good games

  11. Dina says:

    it was amazing! totally recommend it!
    i wish it was a little longer :(

  12. roys says:

    no comments…

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