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Vaseline, Prescribe the Nation

November 2, 2008 at 4:23 by Martina Comments

Lazy Sunday afternoon, perfect time to go a bit back in time and discover some of the most interesting projects of the last couple of weeks. The first campaign comes from North America, where BBH, New York (campaign strategy), Ogilvy New York (online concept and execution) and (documentary skills) joined forces to create Vaseline, Prescribe the Nation.


Contagious unveils all the details behind the work and allows us to understand why this is one of the most innovative campaigns of the autumn. As you can imagine, positioning Vaseline as the top moisturizer is not an easy task, especially if you want to keep the tone serious…

The agencies have looked for the people with the highest need for a good moisturizer for their skin, and they ended up in Alaska, in the village of Kodiak. Here the looked for the perfect testimonial, and they met Petal Ruch, mother of four, vocal instructor and maternal pillar of the 6.000 strong Kodiak population. She became the product ambassador in Kodiak, and she managed to seed the product to almost 1000 people in the village converting them to brand fans as well.


The seeding experiment has been followed day by day by the agencies, that spent almost 20 days with the local community, interviewing people and shooting their lives through their skin. All the material has been used to create a commercial as well as rich footage for the website.


2 Responses to Vaseline, Prescribe the Nation

  1. This is exactly the type of a effect that every viral seeking brand is desperate for.
    Its interactive, its involved, it WORKS!
    at – we’re still testing methods to achieve a greater level of response… JUST LIKE THIS!
    Good job!

  2. Jessica says:

    I really liked this Word of mouth initiative. Just think, one person was able to convert 1000 to this lotion. Here’s another article on the subject:

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