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Wowow : 15 Step, 12 angles, your rainbow

December 4, 2008 at 3:15 by Laurent Comments

Wowow, a Japanese Tv station gives you the opportunity to direct a video of a Radiohead live track on a dedicated page.


You can choose from 12 different angles to edit your video of 15 Step, played live during last band’s japanese tour. Each camera is represented by a colour, so your finalized video could be represented by a rainbow, which is all the concept/title of their last album.

No need to say that it will be an attractive mechanism for Radiohead fans, that will go far beyond Japan’s borders.
For non fans, let’s say there is nothing revolutionary, but once again it shows how the band is totally involved in digital landscape, and perfectly at ease with its environment. The rainbows representations of statistics are creative.
It’s a shame the generated widget, which is made of your own rainbow, doesn’t do anything more than a simple banner …


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