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Best interactive case ever

December 4, 2008 at 9:36 by Mark Comments

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of great interactive cases come by on Adverblog. But the case I’m about to show you is definitely the best one ever. It’s entertaining and interactive in many ways, it’s got a very natural flow and it even touches your emotions while engaging. And this is just the 1.0 version; imagine the possibilities when developed further and further.

Forgive me (=Rocco) for being not very objective, but I had to share this little miracle, my newborn son, with you :)
Name: Boas Stallvord
Concept & production: Rocco & Nathalie
Releasedate: November 28th 2008

34 Responses to Best interactive case ever

  1. michael says:

    Great man !! …congratulations also to’s your and our dear.

  2. Andrea_ says:

    wow I’m speechless. The most perfect presentation for your boy, he’s absolutely gorgeous, congratulations.
    *Amazing name.

  3. Mark AW says:

    Cool Rocco! Nice work – GOLD!!

  4. bene says:

    …soooo sweet!

  5. Mauro says:

    he’s wonderful!!!!!! :)

  6. Travis says:

    :) He’s so cute, and interactive.
    A huge congratulations, and a recommendation that you take a good amount of time off to enjoy your new creation.

  7. sim says:

    Congratulations! The possibilities are indeed endless and new versions come out faster than you can imagine.
    Unfortunately sometimes the new versions have some bugs, but the positives still dominate ;)

  8. Laurent says:

    Congratulations Nathalie & Rocco ! Welcome to Boas.
    You are right, and you definitely desserve a Lion ! ;-)

  9. werner says:

    congratulations! ;-) really looks like an amazinz implementation!

  10. Ha ha Rocco, big congratulations. You have NO IDEA how high maintenance this site will be! Constant softwear updates – at least three times daily – for ages! The mute button on this particular model is really hard to find too. If you try to contact the help desk they ignore you completely. But the platform is designed to grow with your requirements and in time it will give you back so much more. Don’t expect to be logging off any time soon.
    (Ok, now my analogy is boring even me! Congratulations again, and prepare for the most memorable Christmas ever!)

  11. roy says:

    MAZAL TOV :)
    absolutely miracle

  12. Martin says:

    Well then: Congratulations!
    Think you do not bother that your case is no (cyber) lion but sagittarius instead.

  13. tom says:

    congrats! :)

  14. Daniel says:

    congratulations ;)

  15. aysegul says:

    so cute! :)

  16. Pascal says:

    I got one just like that in the female version, release date 16 october!
    Enjoy, They grow up too fast!

  17. Congratulations. By far, your best work ever.

  18. Vincent says:

    congrats !
    you must be happy as hell !!!

  19. Alina says:

    congratz :)

  20. Gajender kaushik says:

    Congrats, it’s a sure shot Grand Prix winning entry!!

  21. Andrew Dean says:

    Do you have to download a plugin before you get this to work? :)
    This is what we call life changing.

  22. Karin says:

    he’s truly sweet!

  23. Morey says:

    Congratulations. He seems pretty user-friendly.

  24. malau says:

    Eheh congratulations !

  25. onlycecilia says:


  26. Michael Stalford says:

    Congratulations all the way from Phoenix Arizona. My last name is Stalford and somewhere back in our ancestors, we are related. A very beautiful baby!!!

  27. Rocco,
    van harte gefeliciteerd, een hele mooie applicatie op de wereld gezet. Hoop dat moeder, kind en vader het goed maken? Geniet ervan.

  28. patrick says:

    but this is not an excuse to post less
    carry on and enjoy the holidays

  29. Fethi uluak says:

    He’s so sweet :)

  30. Hans says:

    Gefeliciteerd….!!! Heb het ook jaren interactief geprobeerd….!!! Helaas, mijn systeem kreeg een virus. Groeten suiker…opa

  31. Panos says:

    I have two similar interactive projects running. They develop some bugs from time to time, and viruses, but with some care you can keep them running and smiling ;-)
    All the best!

  32. Gast,
    Congratz. Boas with a -s… uber cool! Enjoy and all the best, Jeroen

  33. Hi Man! Congrats! In my country, Argentina, we said ” Felicitaciones man! muy grosso lo tuyo!”
    In argentinian spanish this quote meaning..”Hey man..very congrats, it�s more biggest your work”
    A biggest hold for a interactive argentinian too.

  34. Mar says:

    Heeeey!!! Such an beautiful news. A great wink with your readers. Excelent!!

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