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Xmas the Muji way

December 3, 2008 at 9:19 by Martina Comments

Looks like it’s time to start posting about Xmas stories. The first one I’d like to share comes from Muji, a Japanese brand I’m simply addicted to. To promote the range of small Christmas gifts they are selling they have created a very simple website of just two pages.


Every week from now to the end of the year you can download a Xmas song for free. Also you can get yourself a wide range of wallpapers all featuring the toys and the gadgets of the Muji Christmas collection.

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One Response to Xmas the Muji way

  1. Laurent says:

    Very loyal to Muji spirit, simple, graphic and cool.
    In France, I found two nice examples of advent calendar.
    by 3 record labels, which offers you a new song to discover each day, and
    a lovely individual initiative, it’s a blog with a new Xmas cartoon by a new author each day, which gives the opportunity to make a donation to Red Cross.

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