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Whopper Sacrifice

January 7, 2009 at 3:26 by Mark Comments

Is a free Whopper worth as to remove ten of your friends from Facebook? That is the new dilemma raised by Burger King called Whopper Sacrifice (thanks Ne and sorry Pit, i needed somebody just to test :P )


(Update / January 14th: The app, “shutdown” by Facebook)

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7 Responses to Whopper Sacrifice

  1. Cory O'Brien says:

    Great idea, but I wish they would show more on the site before you log into Facebook. As with most Facebook apps, there’s no way to test drive it or see what it’s all about before installing it to your profile, and they miss out on an opportunity for extension outside of the walls of Facebook.

  2. Scott says:

    Man, I sacrificed my friends and it’s only for the US, thought I was in for a free burger there!!! Damn it!!!

  3. joel says:

    The sacrifice URL has updated. Now it tells you how many people have been sacrificed. 12,000 and rising fast.

  4. Cory O'Brien says:

    Update: I wrote a full review of my thoughts on the campaign –

    I think it was smart of them to capitalize on an already existing desire of Facebook users to trim down their friend list, and the campaign was controversial enough to get them tons of press coverage without really offending many people. (I’m sure some feelings were hurt, but I think many people had fun with it and didn’t really try to be offensive.)

  5. I have to admit that at first I thought it was not such a good idea but the buzz the campaign is creating is impressive and the succesful use of social networking is noteworthy.

  6. Haha! Best facebook app out there. Great avenue for their target and people will definitely be talking about it. That I know, there is nothing out there like it. Sorry Pedro.

  7. badaboomblog says:

    Whopper Sacrifice has been sacrified !
    Facebook blocked the app, citing a violation of its privacy policy.
    Dommage !

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