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Get older with an MMS

January 16, 2009 at 6:37 by Martina Comments

The Epica Awards have been assigned recently. Among the others, you should have a look at the winner for the best mobile marketing campaign. The agency is one of my favourites, Forsman & Bodenfors very well know for a lot of cool things done on the Web for Ikea. This time they worked for AMF Pension with the aim to encourage people to start thinking about their pension while they were still relatively young.


Outdoor advertising invited passers-by to take a picture of themselves with their mobile phones and to MMS it to the pension-provider. A few minutes later AMF sent back a picture showing how the person might look when they are 70 years old.

It’s a nice campaign. Althought the concept of sudden maturation is absolutely not new (remember the Futurize You campaign by ING Direct 2 years ago?), I appreciate the smart use of mobile media to create an interaction with the end user.


Actually, I’m not sure whether the action is good enough to win an Epica Award. I mean, if you assign an award for a marketing action, you shouldn’t just look at the creativity, but also at the results. Would be nice to know how many people actually interacted with the posters.

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4 Responses to Get older with an MMS

  1. Jessica says:

    It is interesting to see pension companies doing innovative marketing. A few months ago insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield impressed me with their innovative campaign:
    Who says pensions and insurance are boring? :)

  2. jadoo says:

    Very innovative, mobile marketing certainly compliment traditional advertising affords. Businesses are getting hang of it now. We’ll see lot more innovation in mobile marketing in 2009. Wait for more…

  3. Thomas says:

    This campaign won the Grand Prix in Cannes 2008. The Media categorie…

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