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Get older with an MMS

on January 16, 2009 by Martina Comments

The Epica Awards have been assigned recently. Among the others, you should have a look at the winner for the best mobile marketing campaign. The agency is one of my favourites, Forsman & Bodenfors very well know for a lot of cool things done on the Web for Ikea. This time they worked for AMF Pension with the aim to encourage people to start thinking about their pension while they were still relatively young.

Outdoor advertising invited passers-by to take a picture of themselves with their mobile phones and to MMS it to the pension-provider. A few minutes later AMF sent back a picture showing how the person might look when they are 70 years old.

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O2 pushes MMS in Ireland

on May 4, 2005 by Martina Comments

Digital Bulletin reports 02 Ireland has launched an interactive campaign with a competition to promote MMS. The creative, by Agency Republic, invites user to give their own interpretation of a famous movie title, representing it with an digital mobile picture. MMS have to be sent to a shortcode in order to win a fabulous trip to Hollywood.

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MMS pictures will become stamps in Switzerland

on February 2, 2005 by Martina Comments

Swisscom Mobile, the Swiss Post and The Communication Museum have launched a cool initiative to engage users with MMS. In English it would be called “Swiss Mobile - A Country on the Go” in German it’s “Swiss mobil - Ein Land unterwegs”. The three partners are going to create the first series of stamps made with photographs taken with camera phones. Swiss citizens are asked to send their own pictures which will be then displayed on Site’s visitors will express their vote with an SMS. The best four pictures will be issued as stamps for the collection.

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Emerging market for mobile graphical content

on November 30, 2004 by Martina Comments

A study by IDC (U.S. Wireless Wallpaper and Graphical Content 2004-2008 Forecast) reveals that graphical content has emerged in 2004 as the fastest-growing mass market for wireless data in the United States. The business, which includes wallpapers, caller ID graphics and screensavers, should grow from just under $150 million this year to over $1.1 billion by 2008. Despite this interesting indication, low penetration levels of advanced handsets, lack of digital rights management standards, lack of cross-carrier shortcodes and relatively low user awareness of the availability of such content still represent a huge obstacle to the business development.

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MMS casting by Tim

on November 26, 2004 by Martina Comments

To become famous, all you need is a mobile camera phone. Italian carrier Tim has launched an MMS based casting to discover new “movie talents”. The competition is divided in two parts: users can text a 20 seconds video with an interpretation of their favourite movie character, getting the chance to win the participation in a movie. The other option is to send a picture, in this case the best one will win a photographic book by Claudio Porcarelli. The initiative will be supported by a promotional tour around the main Italian cities.

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The dark future of MMS

on May 19, 2004 by Martina Comments

Mike Grenville on the excellent 160 Characters reports the results of a recent survey on MMS’ usage in the United Kingdom. Mobile operators have no reasons to be happy since: - 83 per cent of mobile phone users are yet to send an MMS - 21% of mobile phone users have so far sent or received an MMS message The main limits to MMS’ diffusion are the price (see recent post), and the fact that users see MMS being complementary to SMS, not a replacement.

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MMS’ for football fans

on May 12, 2004 by Martina Comments

German football fans can download the pictures (as MMS) of their favourite players directly to their mobile. The initiative, which runs a few weeks before the European Football Championship, is developed by MindMatics and sponsored by Ferrero’s snacks, Duplo and Hanuta. As Net Tribune (in German) reports, users find in the snacks a collectible sticker with a the short code that allows them to request, with a premium rate SMS, the MMS picture of the player. A series of 28 players and trainers is available. The service costs 0,99 euro per picture.

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Nike promotes “Panna” with MMS

on April 29, 2004 by Martina Comments

Nike is using MMS to promte its event series “Panna K.O.” in Germany. As Wuv explains, Nike has decided to take advantage of mobile marketing in order to reach a specific target group: teenagers passionate about football. The campaing, developed by German agency Yoc aims to increase awareness of the Panna event and football tournament which will travel around the country in May.

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The messaging business

on April 29, 2004 by Martina Comments

People love to communicate with each other. Sms, mms, instant messaging, the briefer the communication, the more they love it, and this passion for communication means business for a lot of players. On Telco(r)evolutions, The Radicati Group features a deep analysis of the “messaging” phenomenon and of its business implications with stats and revenue estimates.

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Orange presents “The Expressionist”

on December 15, 2003 by Martina Comments

British carrier Orange has launched an MMS based competition called The Expressionist. The idea is building a gallery of facial expressions from people around the UK and beyond, best pictures will be voted and winners will receive “some incredible mood-altering prizes” (i.e. a Panasonic X70 phone). MMS winning pictures will be exposed in January in a top London gallery.

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