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HP wakes up your feelings

February 25, 2009 at 9:46 by Martina Comments

HP is online in Asia with a new campaign to promote its personal computers range. The experience on the site is very flashy and definitely a bit weird with a voice over that takes us around.


As the agency explains in the note they sent me, based on the insight that”‘in the course of our daily lives, we have lost touch with the feelings that have made us feel most alive”, the site focuses on awakening human emotions that have lapsed into disuse over the years.

Even if find it a bit hard to understand the connection between the dream world created on the site and PC technology, I must say that the experience is interesting. They managed to brilliantly mix music and visuals create a pleasant mood and a kind of funny but relaxing flow.


If you feel a bit lost, you should give it a try. Virtually slapping someone’s face can improve your day.
The agency is XM-Asia/RMG.

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3 Responses to HP wakes up your feelings

  1. Snorgle says:

    It’s done quite well, but seem awfully close to Poke Your Sensible.

  2. Isaac says:

    It is dreadfully similar. From intro/storyline to even the voice over…

  3. Watever says:

    Can’t believe this site is posted here… It is a TOTAL idea rip off from “Poke Your Sensible” + voiceover intro.
    But must give credit when it’s due, at least the site is well put together.

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