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HP wakes up your feelings

on February 25, 2009 by Martina Comments

HP is online in Asia with a new campaign to promote its personal computers range. The experience on the site is very flashy and definitely a bit weird with a voice over that takes us around.

As the agency explains in the note they sent me, based on the insight that”‘in the course of our daily lives, we have lost touch with the feelings that have made us feel most alive”, the site focuses on awakening human emotions that have lapsed into disuse over the years.

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HP and the world of Toyrama

on July 26, 2007 by Martina Comments

Valerie, creative director @ Arc Worldwide Singapore proudly sent me the link to their latest work: Toyrama. They’ve done an impressive job, creating a great, theatrical, setting around Peter Fowler’s Monsterism Island toys. But don’t get me wrong, the site isn’t just about Fowler’s characters. It’s also a good marketing tool to promote HP workstations for animators. Since realize I’m not the best person to evaluate the site from an art direction point of view (althought as consumer I find it excellent) I’d like to share with you my view on the project as a marketer. The goal of HP with this campaign is to tell animators they’ve a new powerful machine for them. It’s a piece of technology, but they have decided to stay away from the traditional way of presenting such products that usually focusing on highlighting the computer’s performance with a lot of big words for techies. Animators are artist, this is why I like the fact that HP decided to impress them using their language: a beautiful site, which, for its quality, it’s able to generate word of mouth among digital artists in the blink of an eye.

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When recycling becomes interior design

on January 8, 2007 by Martina Comments

From Australia, a very nice campaign by HP. It’s not really about recycling old printers (I mean, it’s not really environmentally friendly), but surely helps with some ideas on how to find a new application for old hardwares. As Miel points out on his blog, they could have exploited the concept online as well, maybe launching a challenge to consumers on possible alternative placements for old printers. Good to see not all the brands always think about exploiting consumer generated content

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HP blogs with the National Geographic Channel

on August 8, 2005 by Martina Comments

HP Asia Pacific and The National Geographic Channel are “On the trail of Zheng He” with Ong Boon Kiat, a tech journalist, blogging on the travel and the making of the documentary. Marketing Magazine reports Arc Worldwide has created an interactive screensaver which allows users to follow the journey. The idea is to target online users interested in travel, geography and photography, with an application grabbing live feeds when Ong posts new entries on his blog. The screensaver also allows users to enjoy the pictures captured with hp Digital Photography products, used by the documentary staff. Tag:

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“You” on the Cover of ELLE

on September 30, 2004 by Martina Comments

HP and ELLE have collaborated to put pictures of everyday women on the cover of ELLE. Throughout the UK, Spain, Germany, Russia, France and Italy, women are being invited to download their favourite picture and personalise the surrounding headlines, to then see themselves as online ELLE cover stars within seconds. The web site,, has been designed for users to easily download their favourite digital photos and then allow HP technology to superimpose their image onto the cover of ELLE within seconds. The �cover-stars� are then able to create their perfect headlines and background colour before printing off the finished pictures. There is also a competition with a top prize of an all expenses paid fashion weekend in London, including accommodation, �1000 spending money and a personal ELLE stylist. Thanks Sara for the hint!

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