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Right Music Wrongs

March 5, 2009 at 5:20 by Mark Comments

Virgin Mobile, via Droga5 Sydney have created an amusing campaign titled Right Music Wrongs. The campaign has launched with a YouTube video of Vanilla Ice apologising for all the bad things he did when he was in his prime eg his bad hair, bad clothes…

It looks like they will follow this up with such music wrongs as Milli Vanilli, Peter Andre, Michael Bolton etc


The site is nice and pretty amusing, but I wanted to be able to right the wrongs and I couldn’t. The user interaction with the site is through voting if they innocent or guilty and posting comments. Check it out here.

2 Responses to Right Music Wrongs

  1. Keane says:

    Just saw the Vanilla Ice one about 5 minutes ago before I read this post. Do you feel as if there should be user generated “wrongs” on this site that people could then right?

  2. Joe Pulizzi says:

    I like what they are trying to do here…but interested in how they are measuring this. Wonder if they could create some integration with Twitter that would really get this spreading the idea?

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