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Home shopping according to H&M

March 8, 2009 at 2:46 by Martina Comments

H&M has launched a new section of its ecommerce website to promote and sell its home collection. It’s a pretty basic website, but it still represent a good reference as it contains all the elements that contribute to a positive online shopping experience.


First of all the website features beautiful high-quality photographs. But the real added value in the product presentation is represented but the fact that all the items are put into context. You don’t simply browse a series of tableclothes, dishclothes and pillows but you actually see how they will look like in an ideal kitchen or living room.


It might sound like an obvious, not very original, solution, but “styling” or simply putting products into a realistic context is actually “the” solution that can make the difference in online shopping. Since you cannot touch nor try on products, online marketers need to enrich your shopping experience luring you with tips and solutions that activate your shopper DNA and clear your doubts about online shopping.


Last but not least, I also very much like the idea of providing users with several browsing options (by style, by room, by product category). Discovering products by category (and therefore I would say, by “need) is ok, but actually doesn’t live much space to the sane part of compulsory shopping we all marketers would like to drive.


The agency is Great Works.

2 Responses to Home shopping according to H&M

  1. Pete says:

    That is COOL Martina! Thanks for keeping an eye out for me!
    Speaking of sites with great browsing capability, are you familiar with Etsy? They have heaps of ways to browse – some are really amazing and fun, like by colour!
    Looking forward to your next great find…

  2. Greg Fisher says:

    I actually thought the waiting message, “This might take a while, but the campaign site is worth waiting for” was humorous. Interesting way to shop online though. Maybe IKEA will follow suit. :)

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