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SlamWow: the bear that replaces everything

April 13, 2009 at 4:49 by Mark Comments

Vince Shlomi is also known in the US as the ShamWow Guy, a pitchman that succesfully peddles absorbent towels and food choppers, and that was arrested last month on the charge of assaulting a prostitute. So, due to the spot created in the cleaning market a video was released recently, in which a new product called SlamWow (claiming that it will replace everything) based on Slamson, the mascot of Sacramento Kings basketball team.
Although not having a lot of views (yet) the video is hilarious, mimicking all the do’s and don’t of a sales pitchman ad and I don’t know if this is a particular creation from a fan or there is a campaign for the team behind, as the Kings are about to complete a horrible season.

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